About us

Founded in 2018 by a small team of programers,  Miami Dev Shop started growing into  community partner and local  tech powerhouse.

Miami Dev Shop is a network or IT Consultants,  & Software Developers, whom service the South Florida Community. We bring tech solutions to eliminate operational inefficiencies is business , and assist it in having out community thrive. Business Intelligence,  Automation, Machine Learning & Reporting, or web development, we can build  you it all.

This dev shop  is comprised of a network of South Florida talent. Every project that goes through our pipeline is assigned to a  group  of talent, pulled form our  network. We project manage all aspect of the development to deliver to out customers products that exceed their expectations.

Co Founder

There is nothing more fulfiling than empowering local business

Co Founder

Up at Dawn to keep your critical systems running

Front End Guru

Tell your story with beautifuly crated UX/UI designs

Back End Guru

Give me your most complicated project. Please